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Uncovering Genuine Moments from My Long Break

Hello September 2023! It’s been 1 year and 9 months since I last posted. Here I am again, trying to make another post and hoping I will be able to blog regularly. We’ll see.

Summarising what I have been discovering, learning and doing:


Blockchain is a very interesting concept. As I have always been working on database programming which means the data is private, the idea of blockchain creates a lot of various business opportunities where the data becomes more publicly available and can even create a permanent effect which cannot be erased if you attempt to delete it. I will continue to explore this area further.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also another interesting thing that has happened ever since ChatGPT is in public release finally after 7 years of incubation. It levels up our work and creates a lot of leverage for us in many ways beyond our imagination.

Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management

Marketing automation and customer relationship management are not something new to me actually as I have been exposed to use them from the programming level. What makes this interesting is how they make this tool more available to the business users.


Ecommerce is not exactly interesting to me, but the fact that it is able to have return-on-ad-spent impact, it makes tactical ad approach much more feasible today.


Recently, I also got to learn more about my personalities and how our behaviour will change based on the ideas in our environment that emit rewards and punishments. Some of these ideas might be implicit, like social roles. We may change our personality to fit into a social role if it is favorable. We may also become quieter when we focus too much on analysis/programming/reading or anything that don’t require us to be social, and this is where we have to break our quieter behaviour or it may just become part of us quite permanently.

Brompton Bicycles

I am very tempted to get Brompton bicycles as I had great experience riding one a while ago. Have also spoken to many people about the alternative brand considerations.