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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2021 has been a very special year for me.

2021 is the year when I trained all my 4 children to ride bicycles within a month!

Faith, Zac and Luke can ride bicycles very well since then. As for Dawn, she can ride pretty well but she may fumble whenever she encounters anything ahead of her as she still don’t have the confident to ride in slightly narrow spaces.  I have achieved cycling around Punggol for about 2 kilometres with Faith+Zac and Zac+Luke for a few times. This is like one of the things that I have been dreaming of doing one day while they were still at infant age, and I have finally achieved it!

2021 is the year when I have changed company after working for slightly more than 4 years in my previous company.

I am in fact rejoining the company which I had worked for more than 9 years but it is a strategic role with similar responsibilites today plus new interesting experiences to be gained in the near future.  There are lots of memories I had in this current company previously while it was also the same period when I just got married and even had all my 4 children born.

2021 is the year when I have invested in Tesla.

I am committed to invest in Tesla stock after doing much research in stock market and cryptocurrency in 2020. There are several reasons for believing in Tesla:

  • Tesla has started selling cars in Singapore finally in 2021.
  • Elon Musk is a candid entrepreneur who has been keeping us updated on his Tesla plans and what he is going to do personally. This gives me a better sense of where the company is going compared to other companies.
  • Electric Vehicle is the way to go as we have to start building a future with sustainability in mind. (Sustainaibility is something that also motivates me in my job with my current company.)
  • Tesla is definitely the market leader in the world when it comes to Electric Vehicles, while there is still a huge market potential out there as the number of Electric Vehicles is still very small compared to the Internal Combustion Engine vehicles.
  • Tesla cars have already been overbooked for their car demands and they are still strengthening their manufacturing arm to cater to the demand.
  • In the car industry, Tesla is a tech company, whereas its competitors are more of car companies. Tesla’s achievements and its company core are something that the car companies will have difficulty to compete. Software is a very important part of the equation in the electric vehicles, and this is where Tesla won by many times.  For example, Tesla provides over-the-air software updates while the other car companies may require you to go down to their workshop to do the updates as part of the maintenance.  Another area is the advancement of the battery which is in fact not progressed so much even for the smartphones that we have but Tesla has been researching a lot on making new breakthroughs.

2021 is the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic which prohibits overseas trips and makes working-from-home as default.

This effectively puts me to work and stay with my family for a long time. Our family bonding has strengthened a lot with such a condition while I can neither work in Singapore office nor make business trips to the Asean countries. This is something that is really new to me as a regional worker for more than a decade.

As we are going to start our new year 2022 in just a few more days, have you made your new year resolutions? I am aiming to achieve the following:

  • 2022 will be the expiry date for this pandemic.
  • Blog regularly.
  • Lose 5kg this year (as a small start).
  • Work hard and play hard!

An interesting thought I saw on social media recently: Why is sky the limit that we can achieve? It is because the sky has no limit! 🙂