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Getting the blog ready for the new year!

It’s not my first time setting up a blog. But I intend to build it up slowly and steadily as I get into 2022.

WordPress is still my favourite blogging tool after so many years. A noticeable change in WordPress is the new blog post editor interface as it is very friendly for us to do blogging.

There are a few things that I will be looking into setting up.

  1. Making this blog SEO-friendly.
    WordPress is already friendly to SEO by default. I just find that there are a few manual tweaks to do in every post so as to optimise my blog better for search engine.
  2. Getting some additional pages up and running.
    It is obviously lacking of some additional pages to introduce myself and perhaps to connect with me. This will be working in progress for quite some time while new pages may still be added in the near future when I am clearer on the blog’s direction.
  3. Researching on what to blog about.
    While I can blog about my experience, I wish to give this blog a direction on how it should become since it is a personal brand of mine.
  4. Deciding on the blog content calendar.
    I don’t know how frequent I will be able to blog here but we shall see how this blog can progress in the near future.

While I am going to work on the above tasks, it may take quite a while for me to get them ready because this is just a part-time hobby of mine after all. The most important part is to blog more consistently as I will get to write more often and perhaps to improve as I move along.

Hope to see all of you in a better shape of this blog soon!