It is getting really tough to make new friends after college

I was reading this article from lifehacker.  It seems that it is getting harder and harder to make friends after college.   Especially when you are establishing your career and family, it is getting extremely hard to do anything more.

Just imagine this:

During the weekdays: From 7am to 9pm, I am spending my time from preparing to go to work till I reach home.  And from 9pm to 1am, I will be spending most of my time with my wife and baby.  Afterwhich, I will be going to sleep to replenish myself for the next day of work.

During the weekends: It will be family day where I will spend time with my family from both my wife’s and my side.

In between when I can find spare time, I will be working on my own hobby as much as I can.  But the condition is that it has to be at home because I may be doing other simultaneous tasks such as preparing milk powder for my baby.

I can’t imagine if Facebook does not exist in this world.  It is the only tool for me to catch up virtually with my old friends.  Not really making new friends out there though it might be possible.  As for the rest of the people, I often get to know them from my online hobbies such as my Foodflag and Androidability.

Just think about it, I don’t really get to blog on my own blog often too.  I believe most of you out there are probably in the same situation as myself.

I tried to squeeze time in-between (such as sacrificing my sleep, as well as trying to find free time in-between) to work on my hobby commitment.  However, I find myself getting tired over a period of time and in the end, I sleep even more often than before.  There is a lot of trial and errors that I have to take to find that success point.

Talking about finding time for exercise?  I must say that I may have to rely on the compulsory fitness exercise set by my government.  I tried to discipline myself to go jogging regularly (failed due to other commitments).  I also tried to squeeze in time to do push-ups and sit-ups at home (failed to work out due to the tiredness created by other commitment).

It sounds like a big problem I have to conquer.  It’s not easy as I can’t seem to mix and match two things together such as exercising with my family (because my wife don’t enjoy herself in exercising).  But I just have to find the right formula!