Making business sense out of what you have

For the past several months, I have been asking myself: How do I achieve more than what I have today?

I went through my Evernote notes and my hard disks. I started drawing mind-mapping to organize my thoughts. I do a reality check of who I really am. I continue to read more things and get myself into several mastermind groups so as to see if I can bring myself to the next level.

While doing all these things, I also have higher family commitments since the birth of my baby girl. I attempted to do more things at night but it doesn’t seem to work out well since I can’t maintain my work consistency. I ask myself: What else can I do to achieve more with less time needed?

This particular book came into my attention at the right time. It is titled “The Power of Focus”.  It is an eye opener for me even though I have read several self-motivation books because it gives me a very good idea of how I should deal with my work in my job as well as in my home.

I went through my domain names again and saw a lot of potentials in my existing websites as well as my dormant ones. I have been writing a lot of good ideas over the years on how to get them started.  It is time to get my balls rolling one more time!

I started to check how others fare in dealing their websites and found a lot of new interesting ideas from my brain. I started to put all of them together and it became a powerful combination.