My rest, my deal and Google apps

This recently, I have been affected by my kneecap acute pain as well as coughing and flu. It caused me to require good sleep. And I must tell you that it felt really good to sleep! Also, I must say that glucosamine works wonder to my kneecap! Nevertheless, I have neglected my projects a little and I must continue to finish them one at a time.

But I have not failed to buy yet another 1200 stock images at a really good Christmas deal from sitepoint! It costs around $60 only!

The recent decision from Google to stop offering free accounts to Google Apps was really a bad news for the startups. I know many of my entrepreneurial friends told me that this shouldn’t be a barrier at all. It should part of the entire eco system in the business. The point that I wanted to drive is that whenever I help my friends to set up their hosting and email, they wouldn’t have thought that they will pay a separate dollar to enjoy gmail features for their email accounts. Now, I have to think of another solution for them to access their email accounts with ease everywhere they go… No matter how I try to convince them that they should get a Google App, the thought of saying a few dollars a month is just putting them off.