Focus on your strength

There are many times we tend to focus on eliminating our weaknesses and in the end, we lost a lot of our time. Even for myself too.

Not that it is not a bad idea to do that. The good side of it is that we can start to discover what we really want in life soonest possible because we will eventually realised that we are better off doing our strength after proving to ourselves that we are really bad at our weakness.

By focusing on our strength, we tend to save a lot of our time. This is really a good leverage here. We will enjoy our work even more because we will strive to do even better each time.

I have seriously lost almost 10 years to understand this simple logic myself. And when I focus for the last few months, I start to see improvement in my work. I was fortunate to know a few army friends in our annual meet up because I tend to tell them that I am going to do this and that which in the end never succeeded. Every year meeting them, I felt really shameful and it spurs me to commit my focus. Despite my family commitment, I leveraged a lot on technology to work on my focus: I used my mobile device everywhere I go to check my work. I brought my laptop with me to work every night that I could. Things really change!