Why I will want to work on my own web projects as much as i can?

I think a sense of ownership is the main reason why I enjoyed building web solutions. One project after another, I can see them growing like my own baby. In fact, they are really my babies.

It is not that I don’t enjoy as much when I help others to build their websites. When I build websites for my friends who asked me for help, I found that I am focusing more on satisfying my customers than how (I think) this website should be. Not that they don’t listen to my ideas, they are just being filtered. It is not as bad if they don’t micromanage.

That is why I would prefer to work in a client environment over an agency environment. Believe there is some level of interesting areas to work in an agency role, I have not discovered that myself yet. In fact, I believe you have to enjoy doing sales more than managing the actual project. I enjoyed doing sales too (as I did many years ago), but I enjoy managing web projects than managing customers… It is more efficient to manage a web project to progress quickly than to manage customers where a lot of time is spent on negotiation.

Another reason is also because I can’t bear to leave my project when it is done. Doing somebody’s project simply means that I will be of no use after the project is done with. I think web projects are always an ongoing process. In fact, it is a never ending story.

It is not really about money issue here (though it eventually will be). It is about the passion here. And that’s very important because I am converting my job into my own hobby.