I should learn from Seth Godin to close my blog comments

I have been thinking if this is the right decision.  A blog should be a two-way communication.  But come to think about it, it may not be as efficient to have a comment box actually.  Why?

Comments take effort from the commentator.  The commentator has to come to your blog, read your article, and put in a comment.  How many people are actually writing blog comments so regularly?  It may happen for once, for twice.  But to write a couple of comments regularly, this person must be a big fan of those blogs.  If not, is there any other objective for doing so?

On the other hand, it also takes some effort from a blogger like myself to check if the comments are actually spams.  And when the comments start coming in, I might have to deal with the debates too.  I would rather put my focus on building up the contents in this website.

Reading through my past 2688 comments since 2007, I decided to delete them all and start all over again.  The reason is also because I have received feedback from some commentators requesting their comments to be removed.  I guess they must have thought that it is bad for search engine optimization to post too many comments pointing to their website.  Having a deletion of all the comments is also a way for me to reset my blog as I am trying to clean up.  As for now, the comments will still be allowed till I find it not so relevant in future.