Gathering my focus in e-marketing career

I have worked in Epson for 4.5 years now.  The first two years were tough as I was struggling to get myself up from zero.  You can imagine a working environment where web is never placed in priority and I was often told that I was not working in an Internet company like Google.  But I never gave up because this is where I can see a huge opportunity to grow.  My resources were often very tight back then.  So much so that I had to work round the clock and over the weekends with my vendors to get our website revamp project up successfully.  Because of that, I had been branded as the web guy because I was probably the one and only person in charge back then.  I was fortunate to have great bosses from both Japan and Singapore along the way who appreciate my dedication, and giving me resources gradually to grow our web exposure.  Also, great colleagues who are supportive of my web initiatives too.

Today, things are getting really better and better.  I wouldn’t say that I had never thought of looking for better job opportunities along the way.  In fact, I had recently rejected a job offer as a global e-marketing manager because I thought I would do better with more resources and experiences that I have already gathered in Epson.  And hence, I would achieve my next level of  job satisfaction and gains.  There are still more things to do in Epson today and I am better- and well-equipped to fulfil them now.  In fact, it was a really tough choice to make.

On the other hand, I am now revamping my personal blog.  You might have experienced my server ups and downs in the recent months.  That’s because I was doing testing with server migration to Amazon Web Services.  In the end, I think I will still stay with MediaTemple as my existing web needs are still pretty well met.  For the past 4.5 years, I have not been putting a lot of attention to my blog.  It might have been quite stagnant over the years.  I am hoping to do a catch up from where I have left back in 2008.  It was fun to communicate with the bloggers, writing blog posts for one another.  I want to get back that feeling again.