Moving my server data around

It has been a while since I lost touch with my blog.  I have been busy with my family stuff and trying to straighten my web business.

This recently, I was really excited by Amazon Web Services as I played with the server installing Ubuntu and Amazon Linux.  Hence, I decided to move my data to EC2 and  Route53.  To my astonishment, the investment cost is quite steep to get all my existing things hosted.  Hence, I had to fall back to MediaTemple again now.  It was a good experience of almost 2 months doing all the movement to and fro.  Now, I know that I can use Amazon Web Services when I need to set up a server quick.

I have just done some revamp to my blog.  I did some re-organisation of all my blog posts and contents, and doing some optimisation of web structure.  I am getting my blogging mood back and continue blogging again!  Hope to see all of you back again!