5 Interesting Photoshop-related Blog Posts

Today, I have a total of 409 subscriptions to various blogs and news sites.  There’s always something for me to see when I want to.  I thought it would create more interesting things on the blog if I were to share them with all of you guys here.  Here they are:

10 Ways How Photoshop Has Changed The History Of Photography
I find this link interesting because it reminds me that almost everything you see out there have been photoshopped.  (i.e. they must have used Adobe Photoshop to touch up the pictures.)

52 Worst Photoshop Mistakes In Magazines
Now that we have seen how Photoshop has changed the history of photography, here’s an interesting article from Hong Kiat on the photoshop mistakes that people make when they design for magazines.

Let’s See Steve Jobs Unveil Something Other Than an Apple Product [PhotoshopContest]
How about a photoshop contest of Steve Jobs presenting something else?

30 Design Blogs that can Help you Improve Photoshop Skills
How about improving your photoshop skills from 30 design blogs?

25 High Quality Gradient Sets for Photoshop – 750+ Gradients
Take a look at some really cool gradients here.