What does the list mean to you in Twitter?

I have followed about 500 tweeps.  I found myself really hard to categorize them in different lists.  Not that I don’t want to list all of them, 500 is just too time consuming.  I wonder for those who follows over 1000 tweeps, how did you manage with your following and listing…

Ever since Twitter has introduced list, this is somehow going to be used as a measure of what people are perceiving you, which gives a very good idea to all of us.  If someone lists you as a web designer, I will know that I can think of you when I need a web design.  When someone lists you as a problogger, we will know that you are a professional blogger over here.

I will want to list all the tweeps that I have followed.  If not, I will have followed them for nothing.  If I ever have a problem listing them, it’s probably I just don’t have any chemistry with them since I still don’t know them after following for so long.

Sometimes, do you wonder who you really follow?  There is an information overload here.  Information is following too quickly with the tweeps that I have followed.  Listing is a good idea of categorizing them, but can we use these lists in the various Twitter APIs?  I will hope to see a major improvement in TweetDeck to use the list function!