How Do I Read My Problogger Book?

Darren was interested to find out how I read his book titled “Problogger Book“. I have been taking my time to read his book. It was a really fun process of understanding problogging after learning and blogging professionally for almost a year myself. Well, I used to blog about my thoughts in the past which I realize it was attracting some interesting traffic which I didn’t know. My idea of blogging today, makes me really focus on my contents now.

These are the places I read Problogger Book.

While I am working, I read problogger book on my working desk. Trying to find out how it applies on my blog.

Before I sleep, I lie down on my bed, continue reading problogger book, trying to tweak my blog and improve on my review works.

While Carl is trying to chase after me for my reviews, I tried to take a quick break. I still dream about problogger book… Sorry, the monitor is too bright hence I off it. :)