Working For Google as Local Business Referral Rep

I just got the news from Jon, and it is talking about signing up to be “Local Business Referral Representative” for Google. It seems like a very big potential business to do with Google over here! Simply go around to businesses to collect information (e.g. business hours, telephone number, website) as well as take photos to put onto Google maps, you will be paid $10 for each approved business listing you submit. (An initial $2 from Google per approved listing and another $8 once the business themselves confirm the accuracy of the listing.)

Making Part-Time Online Money
While many of us are trying to do an online business and are still struggling to make it through, you might want to take up this small little job to help make some really big money! Just imagine you knowing some companies out there which are not yet being indexed in Google, you are just making extra money which shouldn’t be missed after all!

Requirements of joining
The problem is with the idea that it is only open to US, 18 years old and above… If not, I could just flash all my name cards and start collecting probably a few thousand dollars… And of course, those who are currently working for Google as employees are not eligible as well… It is only eligible for people who are not working for Google…

This Could Become A Job While You are Working Online
While you are still working on your online business, this job could actually keep your income flowing in. Or you might even start a blog out of it and start to get business people interested in it and start contacting you, while you are gaining online credibility! It is a good strategy to have two results at the price of working hard on one common area… Think about it…