Does Your Name Appear On The Top Search Result?

For every blogger or internet marketer, if our name is not appearing on the top Google search result or even in the top 10 results, something must be wrong with our internet marketing strategy… Just today, I finally see my own name “Charles Lau” on the top search result… It is a kind of satisfaction to think that there are quite a number of people who is named “Charles Lau” out there… But of course over here, we have the domain name, title, description and headings all named “Charles Lau” inside… I am assuring Google that this is my name and that my name should be on the top search result…

It seems to take me at least 1 month to convince Google to place my name at the top result… Now, I wish to rank top for the more competitive keyword “Charles”, and “Lau” individually…
Name is an identity
Name is an identity of a person wherever he goes. Name is his own niche that it represents his physical looks, his hobby, his career and his future!

Whoever is deciding to start his online career, he is basically putting his name which is a representative of his reputation to let the whole world know about him. Your online reputation (a link to a blog explaining more about it) is very important here. What you are going to do online, it is going to be broadcast to each and every corner of the world! Just imagine posting something in your blog, and it is already been indexed and kept a copy in feeds and even in other people’s websites! Try to delete that post away, but you have left a clue on the net already… Remember that Google also has a cache of what you have just said!

Try a different made-up Name!
Probably there are people who has tarnished their own names online, and they start to use nicknames to represent themselves. Or, they might also be using different identities to represent different online presences too. A good example is with John Chow himself who is already very good at making money online with his blog and he is going to start a new blog with a new identity to represent him in his test of making a nobody-to-somebody…

Anonymous Working Online
Sometimes, people just refused to reveal their names online and they just want to remain anonymous while showing people the contents that they need. While thiis methodology does work, it might as well be branded by its domain name totally, while people just don’t know who that mystery person is…

Building A Brand For People To Take Advantage
Another thing about branding is that people might just take it for granted and they would come in to use the tools as though the tools belong to them! Take a look of this blog talking about building brands in a digital age. I think the perfect example comes with the famous blogs all around us… Where they can boast about their huge readership and subscription, these readers are actually taking advantage of what the bloggers have to offer and to use it like their own! People like John Chow and Darren Rowse don’t seem to be unfamiliar to you where you see people participating, reading where the people in figures are counted with more zeros at the back than any other blogs! With over thousands of readers and comments altogether in just a single blog itself!

An Ideal Situation for Any Internet Marketer in the Long Term
If you like marketing (just like me), you can choose to have a domain name of your own first… Blog it to show your presence to the world… Start working out your product websites and service websites and link them back to your own name’s website for a more recognition in the online world… People would love to work with more personal people than just a nickname… Be yourself in your-own-name website as much as you could, show when you are happy, angry, sad, worried and all different expressions at the different moments of your day! People would share their joy and consolation with you because you are just being yourself, personal to them!