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Charles Lau is a digital enabler, a web strategist, a web consultant, a social media evangelist and also a software developer. He is also a proud husband of Simin and a loving daddy of Faith and Zac.

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Corporate website creation is an interview of your business

Whenever you start working on your corporate website, you are essentially thinking about your business in both theory and practical.

It is like working out a business plan for your customers to see publicly. You have to think of your business introduction and your offering of products and services.

It is more than just an “online brochure”. It is the gateway for your customers to come to you.

Many small and medium companies are resorting to diy solutions to get their websites up and running. For those who spent very little time on getting their websites up, they are usually either buggy or incomplete. I personally feel that it may be detrimental to their business instead because they may be professional in person and in deliverables, but their websites are their potential leads’ first encounter of their businesses. It may give an impression of their incompetency as well as in the quality of their deliverables.

A good corporate website gives the potential leads a good understanding of your business. It voices down to the various things to work on: information architecture, web look and feel and the ease of contacting the company.

At the end of the day, the idea is that if you can spend time to diy, do it by all means so that you can achieve the same results. If not, it is always better to spend your money instead because you should spend your time with your customers instead. Depending on the web agency that you engaged, it is good for a third party to take a look at your business and determine your website because you could have been indulged in your work for so long that you might not be able to see from a bigger perspective.

Should your brand get personal in your social media marketing?

With regards to this topic, I cannot say who is right or wrong but the one with the most engaging contents always win.

First, let’s start with a thought about creating a social media content schedule. By right, people will normally say that a content schedule of 6 months is important so as to get a bigger picture to plan the content strategy. But realistically speaking, this content schedule will usually not work without a dedicated human resource. It’s easy to say that but to work out a content schedule of 6 months is a real pain.

Second, let’s talk about impromptu content posting with minimum scheduled postings. This method saves the pain of creating that content schedule in advance, and you will have the option of not posting on certain days. It may be fresher to post this way along with some of the latest news but everyday is like fire fighting.

The above two methods tend to not to be personal in the contents and will become an article posting place only.

Personally, I find that managing a social media asset is actually quite similar to managing our very own social media profile. It takes personality to make that post. And it is quite selly to make every post with a business agenda. People will feel like they are talking to robots when they post. But in turn, that becomes a good place to complain only because the robots will be awakened.

Sometimes, we all know that it is not a method of choice to be personal. This is something not easy to get personal as well due to the size of the company and the many levels of approvals which may be resistant to changes.

Whatever the case is, I would think it is all about trial and error actually. What works for me may not work for you. And having too many people to take care of the social media content posting is not the way to go.

Content management on the social media

Social media is now the common platform for people of all statuses to tell everybody about their interest. Be it whether you are a country, company or individual. You will have a chance to tell the world something about yourself.

Some people like to update their social media assets on a regular basis. That allows them to create followers along the way who listen to what they have to say. Others just update as and when.

Companies tried to work like a person to update their social media assets as well. They have to do it on a regular basis so as to maintain relationship as well as to keep to their brand promise. Because of this, they tried to create a content calendar to maintain their regular postings. Subsequently, they cannot sustain because of their full time commitment with their main job scope. Hence, some tried to look for agencies to manage, some employ a social media manager, some employ a CRM manager to manage this together with the loyalty programs while others will either try to survive day-to-day posting or ignore working on it for a while.

Why middle class people will get to buy things that are used to be exclusive to rich people?

Have you ever thought of the kind of things rich people can enjoy that middle class people cannot? Yes we know that they are very rich, but what are the kind of exclusive things that they can enjoy?

Usually, we will think of the house and car that they can afford. What else? It could also be new trends in electronics such as the upcoming electronic wearables which are a little too steep to buy. Or it could also be any product that a company would price  expensively so as to target rich people for having this exclusively such as a dustbin which costs a few hundred dollars.

I noticed that the expensive products will be affordable by the middle class at a later stage. It is either because of the price going down or because of the increase in the salary of the middle class. Things such as mobile phones are becoming affordable and even better than the past. The middle class may also get to eat the kind of food that used to serve emperors or kings in the past.

Hence, everybody will eventually get to enjoy it. It is only a matter of time or money that we have to spend in order to get it.

How to become a digital marketing role in a company?

I have been working on digital marketing for a multinational company for almost six years now.

I didn’t really plan for this job back in six years ago. In fact, I was still on my  entrepreneurial journey trying to make a mark for myself.

While working in digital marketing role, I have seen many different people working as my role in other companies. I think the very wrong thing to do is to employ someone with mass communication background to work in digital marketing role. The reason is because you wouldn’t be able to reap the most out of digital marketing just by managing agencies. You have to do your part in order to fill in the gap of giving a voice for your brand. Your agencies can only do part of it while protecting their own interest by doing multiple jobs at the same time making your project concentration quite diluted.

To truly get into digital marketing or at least to perform well in a digital Marcom, I would say that a very basic understanding of html is very important. The reason is because you are going to be the one setting a limit of how far your digital marketing campaigns can go. You may argue that your agencies should know the best. However from my experience working with freelance, SME and even MNC agencies, there is still a limit in their understanding to execute a digital marketing campaign. I believe that those who want to excel are also appreciative of me to help getting their execution on the right track because these campaigns belong to us! And for those lazy agencies, they must have hoped that they have not met me because they cannot just use their best practices when I don’t see that it is a good practice. Those who have worked with me know that I am extremely candid in my approach.

Seriously speaking, I personally think that the most qualified digital marketing managers and executives are the ones who have both IT and business background. Be it you learn them by yourself or you get certificates, the most important thing is with your experience. The more you do, the better you get. If you have the chance to teach, you will become even more qualified.

Digital marketing jobs are getting hot nowadays. However, not many companies know how to groom you in your career path. Most likely when you get into a company in client environment of any size, you will be the one updating your websites and social media assets such as Facebook. You might be wondering where is the strategic planning that the company needs. Sadly to say, you have to build your own career path by excelling in your job and expand their digital marketing assets. If you don’t, you will be working according to sales and marketing needs which makes you effectively known as data entry clerk. And the worst part is that they don’t know what they can do to push digital marketing to the next level too.

Keep doing better and better. That’s what i think is best for you.

Stress started right at the beginning of 2014

2014 is going to be a busy year for me. In fact, I am already getting busy.

Besides my new year goals in place, there are a lot of other things that I have to work on such as my fitness, day-to-day family commitments and my job.

Nevertheless that doesn’t stop me from continuing to work towards my goals. It is also a form of destress for me when I can put my time away from handling all the frustrations that I have with my main stream of life.

There are a lot of innovative ways to get things done. Technology is the key to all these innovations.

It is not easy to take care of a toddler and a baby

My baby Zac was born in Nov 2013. And I can sense that my 21-month-old toddler Faith is trying to seek for more attention than before. Faith tends to get naughtier than ever before as she broke my glass mug, threw mobile phones that she can access to, and even scratch baby Zac till his head bleeds with her finger nails.

I can’t make any sense out of what she has been doing. She would slap Zac suddenly. And when I tried to make peace, she gave another tight slap at Zac again.

Faith is obviously not able to understand the situation. At one point, I can even see her slapping herself too.

I tried a few methods already. And I think the best way is to hide Zac at one corner temporarily and give Faith your attention. Even if I am doing something else, it is also ok because Faith would know that nobody is competing here.

When she did something wrong, I try to give her a piece of my mind, hoping that she will learn. It doesn’t seem effective to me but I will continue doing this so as to drill into her mind.